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Security Solutions
Verification of Multiple & Enhanced Nodes Network

Multi-Signature & HSM

In combination with multi-signature
and custodian security technology,
offering multi-level protection.

Strict Risk Control

A mature team with abundant
experiences in cross-chain and finance
to ensure product safety.

Proof of Trust

Work with reliable custodian in best
insurance coverage to assure asset

Credible custodians

Credible custodians including Cobo &
Huobi Trust conduct asset custody and
supervise the implementation of 1:1
token anchoring, preventing over-

Asset Certificate

Open and provable asset certificates.
Full attestation report issued by the credible
third party audit institutions.

MicroChains Golden Loop
Seamlessly Cross-chain between Any Chains
Zero Slippage, 1:1 Equivalent Transaction
Much Lower Cross-chain Fee
Cross-chain in Minutes
Freely to Use. No Upper Limit

2021 Q4
  • Concept Creation
  • Team Building
  • Foundation Establishment
  • CBTC Bridge Project Launch
  • Project Financing
  • Reached a Strategic Partnership with
    Huobi Trust
  • Launched CBTC Bridge Official Website
  • Cooperation with the University of

2022 Q1

  • Seed Round Funding Completed
  • CBTC Bridge Went Online and Project Operation Began
  • Completed Audit at Certik
  • Initiated Brand Upgrade
  • Reached an In-depth Cooperation with Cardano Ecological Projects including the Leading Order Book DEX & Swap
  • Cooperated with Milkomeda, the
    Largest Cardano EVM Sidechain
  • Brand Upgrade Announcement

2022 Q2

  • MicroChains Product Officially Launch
  • Support Cardano and 2 EVM Compatible chains
  • Recruit Seed Users and Community
  • Support 4 EVM Compatible Chains, 2 Emerging non-EVM Compatible Chains, and 10+ Mainstream Asset Currencies
  • Introduce 2 Top Ecological Partners
  • TGE, Start Airdrops, Trading Mining, and Single Currency Pledge
  • Token Listing

2022 Q3
  • Support 15 Main Chains including
    Various Emerging Public Chains
  • Support 30+ Crypto Currencies
  • Start the study of Cross-chain Swap

2022 Q4

  • Support 20 Main Chains including
    Various Emerging Public Chains
  • Support 50+ Crypto Currencies
  • KYC Validator Program Launch,
    realizing decentralized verification
  • Cross-chain Swap V1 launch, supporting
    swap between different currencies


  • Become the leading Cross-chain Application in Market Share
  • Support all Mainstream Public Chains & A Majority of Emerging Public Chains
  • Launch Cross-chain NFT Market
  • Cross-chain Swap Optimization
  • Explore MCG Token Usage Scenarios
  • Launch Cross-chain Oracle Server V1
  • Launch NFT Cross-chain Bridge

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